Source: Today’s Veterinary Business

This article emphasizes the top 10 common DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) violations observed in Veterinary facilities and provides insights into compliance to avoid penalties. The author, having assessed over 600 Veterinary facilities, predicts that the average clinic is committing 11 violations that could result in substantial fines. The violations include the inability to provide a biennial inventory, records not being readily retrievable, registration and license issues, inaccurate logging and infrequent reconciliations, poor employee vetting, noncompliant storage, insufficient physical security, inadequate receiving processes, not accounting for hub loss, and noncompliant wasting and disposing.

Addressing these issues is crucial for maintaining compliance with DEA regulations, ensuring the proper handling of controlled substances, and preventing drug diversion. The article provides practical tips for Veterinary practices to enhance their adherence to DEA guidelines, ultimately contributing to a safer and happier workplace.

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