Wendy Hauser, DVM

Wendy Hauser, DVM

Wendy Hauser, DVM is the founder of Peak Veterinary Consulting and has practiced for 35 years as an associate, practice owner and relief veterinarian. She has worked in the animal health industry as a pet health insurance executive and as a technical services veterinarian. She is a member of the AVMA Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee.

Dr. Hauser, passionate about education and innovation, partners with both industry partners (established and emerging) and individual veterinary hospitals. She is a regular presenter at veterinary conferences, facilitating workshops on hospital culture, communication and leadership. Frequently published, she is the co-author of “The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans.”

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Wendy Hauser, DVM Peak Veterinary Consulting The role of a Veterinary management professional is challenging. Veterinary practice managers wear many hats: Human Resources expert, regulatory and compliance oversight, marketing, facility and operations management, and ensuring financial stability. In the current uncertain, complex business environment, their jobs have become infinitely harder. Let’s look at three factors […]

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