Source: Veterinary Practice News

Dr. Rena Carlson, the new President of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), discusses her journey in organized Veterinary medicine and leadership style. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and connecting with others to bring out their strengths. As someone with a diverse background in Veterinary medicine, including companion animals, large animals, lab animals, and research, she prioritizes considering all perspectives within the profession to support AVMA members effectively. Dr. Carlson encourages finding joy in Veterinary medicine, emphasizing the importance of managing and integrating work, life, and family without striving for a perfect work-life balance. She acknowledges the expanding opportunities for women in the field and is inspired by those who have created their own paths to success.

In addressing key issues facing the Veterinary industry, Dr. Carlson highlights the AVMA’s efforts to leverage support staff, diversify Veterinary medicine, empower new graduates, and promote wellbeing. She also discusses the potential impact of artificial intelligence in streamlining Veterinary practice operations and the need for a cautious approach due to the technology’s infancy. Furthermore, she acknowledges the shortage of trained veterinarians and Veterinary technicians in various segments of the profession and emphasizes the AVMA’s commitment to providing support and solutions for its members.

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