Source: WUFT 

Veterinary forensic experts are essential in animal abuse cases, providing a unique skill set to investigate non-human victims. The University of Florida’s Veterinary Forensic Sciences Laboratory hosted its first Animal Forensic Investigations Conference, attracting over 140 professionals to discuss the latest research and techniques. Dr. Adam Stern, a leading forensic pathology professor, emphasized the significant overlap between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence.

The conference aimed to equip professionals with the skills to handle animal cruelty cases effectively. Highlights included lectures from specialists like marine scientist Megan Stolen and forensic entomologist Jason Byrd, who debunked common misconceptions about forensic work portrayed on television. The conference underscored the importance of thorough investigations and the role of necropsies in legal cases. With plans for future conferences and a recent $7 million donation, the UF Veterinary Forensic Science Laboratory continues to advance the field and seek justice for animal victims.

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