Source: Veterinary Practice News

A recent study by Digitail, a practice management software company, reveals that 39.2% of Veterinary professionals are using AI tools in their practices, primarily for tasks like imaging, recordkeeping, and transcription. Furthermore, 38.7% express interest in incorporating AI in the future, citing potential benefits such as revenue growth, employee satisfaction, and competitive advantage. The study, conducted with the American Animal Hospital Association, surveyed 3,968 professionals, highlighting that 69.5% of those using AI tools report using them daily or weekly, and there’s a direct link between usage and optimism toward AI.

Benefits cited include increased productivity, reduced administrative workload, and improved efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. Concerns revolve around reliability, accuracy, and data security. CEO Sebastian Gabor emphasizes the need for continuous testing, curiosity, and collaboration to shape AI’s future in Veterinary medicine, suggesting initiatives to enhance understanding and ethical integration.

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