Source: The Horse 

Diagnostic tests are crucial for detecting and managing infectious diseases in horses, enabling veterinarians to quickly and effectively respond to various conditions. These tests, including clinical chemistry, hematology, serology, immunologic tests, microbiology, and molecular-based tests like PCR, have significantly advanced in terms of specificity and sensitivity, improving disease management.

Common equine infectious diseases in the U.S. include anaplasmosis, contagious equine metritis, equine encephalomyelitis, equine coronavirus, and others, with tests available to detect these diseases or the antibodies against them. Advancements like the Serum Amyloid A (SAA) test enhance the monitoring of inflammation, crucial for conditions like respiratory diseases and fever of unknown origin. The article also highlights the importance of sample collection and submission for accurate diagnostics. Overall, continuous improvements in diagnostic tests are vital for effective disease management in horses, despite no test being 100% accurate.

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