Source: Today’s Veterinary Business

Akston Biosciences Corp., based in Massachusetts, has shifted its focus from human health to the development and manufacturing of protein therapeutics aimed at improving the health of companion animals. The company aims to be a significant player in the evolving field of companion animal health using its Ambifect Fc-fusion protein platform. They plan to partner with Animal Health companies to market their innovative therapies. Some of their current candidates include AKS-321d, a canine diabetes treatment with long-lasting effects, and AKS-425c, a feline diabetes treatment with weekly dosing. They also have candidates for chronic pain and oncology in canines.

The move allows Akston to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced therapies in the companion animal health sector, positioning itself to make significant contributions to the industry. This strategic shift separates its human health lines into wholly owned subsidiaries Vakston Inc. and Diamune Therapeutics Inc., enabling each entity to focus on its specific therapeutic candidates.

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