Source: dvm360

The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor awarded the 2023 Iron Paw Award to Fabian Kausche, DVM, MS, for his significant contributions to the global Animal Health industry. Kausche, with a background in research, academia, and industry leadership, has shown a passion for product innovation, animal wellness, and employee well-being. His career spanned roles at The Upjohn Company, Novartis Animal Health, Merial, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Known for his mentoring and coaching, Kausche has guided the next generation of Veterinary professionals and been involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives. Even after retiring in 2019, he remains active by serving on boards for Animal Health companies worldwide and advising research institutions. Kausche also operates FK Consulting LLC in Atlanta, specializing in supporting Animal Health companies and innovation strategies.

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