Source: The Dog People 

A survey by Rover comparing 1,000 pet parents with 1,000 non-pet owners reveals significant lifestyle differences. Pet parents are generally happier, exercise more, and feel more loved than those without pets. They spend more time outdoors, with 72% getting outside for at least 30 minutes daily compared to 49% of non-pet owners. Pets, especially dogs, motivate their owners to walk more frequently and for longer durations, enhancing their physical activity and social interactions.

Philip Tedeschi from the University of Denver highlights that pets positively impact mental health by increasing neurobiological functions related to well-being. Pet owners also experience more joy, feel more loved, and have better social lives. The survey shows that 74% of pet parents are happier compared to 66% of non-pet owners, and 52% of pet parents feel more loved daily versus 44% of non-pet owners. Pets also encourage early rising, frequent work breaks, and greater life fulfillment.

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