Source: PR Newswire

The Banfield Foundation’s 2023 Impact Report reveals how $3.3 million in grants facilitated Veterinary care, disaster relief, and preventive care initiatives. The Foundation prioritized underserved communities, providing free preventive care, including spay/neuter surgeries, through mobile Veterinary units and community-based clinics. They donated six mobile units totaling $750,000 and funded vaccines and medical supplies in Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Maui, and Navajo Nation.

In addition, the Foundation mobilized Veterinary teams through programs like the Mars Ambassador Program (MAP), delivering care to vulnerable pets across the U.S. and globally. They also supported initiatives like winter readiness projects and preventive care clinics, benefiting over 121,000 pets in 23 states. President Jam Stewart emphasized the importance of preventive care in keeping pets healthy and families together. The Foundation’s efforts, detailed in their report, highlight their commitment to improving pet welfare nationwide.

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