Source: WTVM 

With rising summer temperatures, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of pets. In 2023, over 150 dogs nationwide died from heat-related causes. Northridge Veterinarian Heather Rodriguez advises that if humans find the heat uncomfortable, pets likely do too. She recommends providing cold water and a cool environment to prevent heat stroke, which occurs when a pet’s temperature exceeds 104°F, potentially causing kidney failure and brain damage. Symptoms of heat stroke include excessive panting, lethargy, and vomiting, requiring immediate Veterinary attention.

Columbus resident Mike Walsh, formerly of Alaska, limits his Yorkies’ outdoor time to five minutes in Georgia’s heat. Lorrie Whiteman, also from Columbus, keeps her four labradoodles cool by maintaining her house at 70°F and giving them frozen treats like blueberries and Greek yogurt. These measures help ensure pets stay safe and comfortable during hot weather.

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