Source: The Guardian 

Otter 841, known for her surfboard-stealing antics in northern California, has resurfaced at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz after several months. Identified by her blue tag, she gained fame last year when photographer Mark Woodward shared images of her biting and taking surfboards. Her bold interactions with humans captivated many, turning her into a social media sensation. Local resident Dustin Mulvaney recently spotted her at her usual spot. Despite her popularity, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) warned of the dangers of close encounters with otters due to their sharp teeth.

Otter 841’s fame highlights the ecological importance of sea otters, which help maintain healthy kelp forests. She evaded capture attempts by FWS and Monterey Bay Aquarium staff who sought to examine her medically. After giving birth to a pup in late 2023, she took a break from public view, focusing on raising her offspring. The FWS advises people to keep their distance from otters to ensure safety.

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