Source: KTVQ 

As fireworks light up Billings, pet owners, like Mandi Smith, brace for their pets’ reactions. Smith’s 13-year-old dog, Scooter, suffers from a heart condition and becomes extremely stressed by fireworks, often hiding in dark, low places. Billings veterinarian Dr. Edie Best from Billings Animal Family Hospital warns that dogs’ fear of fireworks can lead to dangerous situations, such as running away or climbing fences.

To help calm pets, she recommends calming supplements, medications, compression jackets, and devices that play classical music, like “Through a Dog’s Ears,” which has been proven to soothe dogs. In addition, silent fireworks are available for those with noise-sensitive pets. Best advises preparing in advance to ensure pets’ well-being during the holiday. Smith plans to use these tips to keep Scooter safe and calm during the ongoing fireworks.

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