Source: KQED 

Proposed California legislation aims to ease the struggle of pet owners finding rental housing by banning blanket no-pets policies and extra fees for common pets like cats and dogs. Advocates argue that the lack of pet-friendly rentals forces renters to give up pets or housing. The bill, championed by Assemblymember Matt Haney, requires landlords to justify pet denials based on public health and prohibits inquiries about pets until after approving an applicant. It also disallows additional rent or security deposits for pets. Landlords express concerns about repair costs, liability, and nuisance issues.

The legislation doesn’t mandate acceptance of all pets but aims to provide reasonable accommodations. Pet relinquishments have surged, indicating a link between housing insecurity and pet ownership. While animal welfare groups support the bill, landlords like Ivan Blackshear oppose government interference in rental agreements. The bill awaits a floor vote in the Assembly, with potential impacts on housing accessibility and pet welfare.

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