Source: dvm360 

Visiting the Veterinary clinic can be stressful for cats, their owners, and veterinary professionals. Stress and anxiety in cats can deter owners from seeking necessary care. While medications like gabapentin can help, some clinics and shelters use pheromone diffusers to calm feline patients. Pheromones, secreted from sebaceous and sweat glands, create a sense of safety for cats by mimicking natural communication methods like rubbing, urine marking, or scratching. These diffusers, compared to air fresheners, emit species-specific chemical signals that positively influence behavior.

They are often a first-line treatment for various fear and anxiety-related issues. Studies show pheromone diffusers can alleviate stress in scenarios like vet visits, home introductions of new cats, and travel. While not a cure-all, they are accessible, inexpensive, and generally safe. Veterinary professionals should advise clients interested in pheromone treatments to complement them with secure and enriched environments for their pets.

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