Source: ABC Action News 

Loyal, an animal health biotech company, is testing a drug aimed at extending dogs’ lifespans on over a thousand dogs nationwide. Dr. Catherine Arthur from Baycrest Veterinary Hospital in St. Petersburg is participating in this clinical study. The drug’s ingredients are undisclosed, and the study aims to ensure its safety and effectiveness in promoting longer, healthier lives for dogs. Dogs must be at least ten years old and weigh 14 pounds or more to join. The study has nearly a dozen dogs enrolled, with capacity for 30.

Dr. Arthur hopes the drug will reduce the frequency of treating health problems, potentially offering insights into human longevity as well. The study, known as the LOY-002 or STAY study, focuses on preventing age-related diseases. Participants, like Akeem Antonio, report improvements in their dogs, such as increased energy. One participant drives from Boca Raton to join the study, highlighting its popularity and potential impact on science and pet health.

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