Source: Utah Public Radio 

Jenna Gowans, a second-year Veterinary student at Utah State, is part of a program where students spend two years in Logan before finishing their degree at Washington State University. However, Utah State will soon have its own Veterinary school, aiming to address the shortage of Animal Health care providers. The inaugural class will start in 2025 with 40 students. The shortage of veterinarians, exacerbated by the pandemic, particularly affects rural areas.

Recent graduates often opt for urban or suburban areas due to higher pay. Despite efforts to incentivize graduates to work in rural communities, shortages persist. The new Veterinary school hopes to alleviate this issue. Gowans, intending to return to her family’s practice in Tooele, acknowledges the demanding workload of rural veterinarians. The program’s in-state tuition makes it an attractive option for students like her. While the new school aims to mitigate shortages, the complexities of the issue require multifaceted solutions.

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