Source: American Veterinary Medical Association

A recent study, the Merck Animal Health Veterinarian Wellbeing Study, suggests a more positive outlook on veterinarians’ career satisfaction and intention to leave the profession. Surveying over 4,600 U.S. veterinarians, the study found that only a small percentage, less than 2.5% under 55 years old, are very likely to leave within two years, with retirement being the primary reason for older veterinarians. Overall, 74% expressed satisfaction with their career, and 92% take pride in their work.

In addition, 84% believe their work positively impacts others’ lives, and more than half report high levels of wellbeing. Despite challenges like higher exhaustion levels, particularly among younger veterinarians, and certain groups facing more wellbeing issues, the findings counter assumptions of a mass exodus from the profession. The study also highlights improvements in mental health awareness and access to support within the Veterinary community, emphasizing the importance of addressing job satisfaction and retention to tackle burnout and promote overall wellbeing.

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