Source: Colorado Sun 

The emergence of white nose syndrome (WNS) in bats across Colorado is raising concerns about the vital role these creatures play in pest control and the state’s economy. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has received reports of sick or dead bats, indicating the spread of WNS. While the disease’s impact on Colorado’s bat population remains uncertain, past instances have shown devastating declines.

Bats contribute significantly to agricultural pest control, with their decline potentially leading to increased pesticide use and reduced yields. Monitoring efforts, such as Colorado Bat Watch, aim to track bat populations and detect signs of WNS early. Public cooperation in reporting bat sightings and following decontamination procedures is crucial in preventing the spread of the disease. In addition, restrictions on cave access help mitigate the risk of transmission. Protecting bats from various threats is essential for their survival amidst the WNS outbreak.

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