Source: The Guardian

Colorado lawmakers are proposing legislation to reintroduce wolverines, America’s rarest carnivores, to the state. This would mark the first wolverine reintroduction in North America and is part of efforts to restore native species. With wolverines facing threats from climate change and habitat fragmentation, the move aims to establish a buffer population. Conservationists and biologists support the plan, suggesting Colorado’s ample habitat could sustain up to 180 wolverines.

The bill, attracting bipartisan support, aims to address concerns from industries like skiing and agriculture. While some experts advocate for natural recolonization, others emphasize the need for a controlled reintroduction to ensure genetic diversity and population viability. The process involves navigating regulatory frameworks and logistical challenges, with the hope of mitigating human-wildlife conflicts and fostering the wolverine’s return to Colorado’s wilderness. If successful, the initiative could serve as a model for species restoration efforts elsewhere.

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