Source: Fox 8

Starting in July, Virginia will ban veterinarians from declawing cats except for therapeutic reasons. Governor Glenn Youngkin signed the bill from Del. Marty Martinez, prohibiting declawing unless it’s medically necessary or to protect the owner’s health. The law permits declawing only if it’s to address infections, diseases, injuries, or abnormal conditions jeopardizing the cat’s health, documented by a licensed vet.

In addition, it allows declawing if the owner’s life or health is at risk due to a condition worsened by scratches from a cat, documented by a licensed physician. The bill passed the House of Delegates with a 58-41 vote and the Virginia Senate with a 25-13 vote, with one abstention. Supporters, including PETA, the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, and Richmond SPCA, spoke in favor of the proposal, highlighting the cruelty of declawing, which involves amputation of the first digit of every paw.

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