Source: FOX 31 

Denver Animal Protection has responded to 130 calls for animals trapped in hot vehicles so far this year, nearing last year’s total of 450. They’ve also handled 277 cases of animals lacking shelter, compared to 595 in 2023. Leaving pets in overheated cars can cause heatstroke; vehicle interiors can rise by 20 degrees in 10 minutes, reaching over 125 degrees. The American Veterinary Medical Association advises keeping pets at home in a controlled environment.

Studies show that even with windows slightly open, temperatures remain dangerously high. Denver laws allow car windows to be broken to save animals if specific conditions are met, including imminent danger and contacting authorities first. Legal penalties for leaving pets in hot cars include fines up to $999 and 300 days in jail. Denver Animal Protection recommends moving overheated animals to cooler areas, using water or ice packs on their stomachs, and seeking Veterinary help.

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