Source: Veterinary Practice News 

Nationwide’s recent pet claims report aims to help Veterinary professionals educate clients on common and uncommon pet conditions and their associated treatment costs. The report analyzed data from over 1.2 million insured pets and identified the most common conditions among more than 40% of the 3.5 million claims filed. In 2023, Nationwide members filed over 1.5 million claims for the top 10 medical conditions affecting dogs and cats. For the 12th consecutive year, atopic or allergic dermatitis was the most common issue for dogs, with 410,500 claims.

Skin allergies represented 20% of unique canine claims, while gastroenteritis topped the list for felines. Common conditions for both species included gastroenteritis, degenerative arthritis, dental disease, urinary tract infections, and respiratory infections. Treatment costs within 30 days ranged from $240 to $1,575. The report aims to raise awareness among pet owners, supplemented by Nationwide’s Pet HealthZone digital resource. For more details, visit the Pet HealthZone website.

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