Source: AAHA

Destination Pet, a corporate owner of 46 Veterinary clinics, has decided to eliminate noncompete clauses from all current and future veterinarian contracts. Ashley Harris and Kathryn Smith, part of the executive leadership team, believe that noncompete clauses are “archaic” and can have devastating effects on employees. They emphasize creating a positive workplace culture that encourages veterinarians to stay rather than imposing restrictions that may drive them away.

The decision to remove noncompetes aims to support individuals in pursuing their passion and prevent situations where professionals face legal battles or financial hardships due to such clauses. Destination Pet still relies on nonsolicitation clauses to protect its practices without restricting veterinarians’ career choices. Harris and Smith note positive responses from veterinarians who appreciate the company’s move away from noncompete clauses. They believe this approach should become standard in the industry.

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