Source: KTLA 5 

Torrance residents Mike Superstein and Suzanne Erdelyi incurred a $25,000 Veterinary bill for their uninsured cat, Zoe, who lost an eye to cancer. The experience highlighted the importance of pet insurance, as medical costs for pets can escalate quickly. Pet insurance covers accidents, illnesses, and sometimes preventive care, with costs varying based on factors like deductibles and coverage options.

California passed a law in 2014 to enhance transparency in pet insurance. Despite Zoe’s pre-existing condition, Superstein and Erdelyi opted to insure their younger cat, Sunny Gray, for future peace of mind. Researching policy details and asking questions is vital to understand coverage limitations and exclusions. The couple recognized the value of insurance after Zoe’s costly treatment, ensuring Sunny Gray’s future health needs are covered.

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