Source: Pet Age 

Dogtopia, a leading dog wellness franchise, celebrated a major achievement as its U.S. Dogtopia Foundation surpassed sponsoring 500 service dogs for veterans. This milestone highlights Dogtopia’s commitment to supporting veterans, having raised over $3 million through its daycares. Recently, the Foundation collaborated with institutions like The University of Arizona and K9s For Warriors on groundbreaking research. The study found that veterans with service dogs had stress hormone levels resembling those of healthy adults, contrasting with higher levels in veterans without service dogs.

Retired Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans, whose life was saved by her service dog, Aura, plays a pivotal role in inspiring Dogtopia’s community efforts. Her participation in fundraising events, including a notable run, significantly boosted the Foundation’s recent fundraising totals. Neil Gill, Dogtopia’s CEO, praised the community’s dedication, emphasizing their support for veterans through service dogs and other initiatives benefiting youth education and adults with autism. Liz Meyers, Executive Director of the Dogtopia Foundation, highlighted dogs’ role in providing crucial companionship that enhances emotional and physical wellbeing.

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