Source: Farm Progress

This article emphasizes the importance of separating 2-year-old heifers and thin cows from the main herd during the winter-feeding period on beef farms. Three-year-olds may also benefit from this separation as they are still growing. These younger cows have specific nutritional needs because they are simultaneously calving, recovering, and growing. They have lower rumen capacity and can only eat 85% to 90% of what mature cows consume.

Leaving them with the main herd can result in inadequate access to feed, causing them to become thinner and less productive. Thin cows are at risk of weaker calves, lower-quality colostrum, and delayed rebreeding. To address these issues, separating the young cows optimizes feed allocation, ensuring they receive the necessary resources for the next calving season without overfeeding the mature cows. This approach is economically beneficial for farmers.

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