Source: CNN

Dr. Kwane Stewart, founder of the nonprofit Project Street Vet, has been named the 2023 CNN Hero of the Year for providing medical care to pets of people experiencing homelessness. His outreach began over a decade ago when he stopped to examine a homeless man’s dog, prompting a transformative moment. Stewart treats pets on the streets through small drop-in clinics, providing medical care with a portable kit, including antibiotics, vaccines, and anti-inflammatories.

The organization has expanded to cities like Orlando and Atlanta, relying on volunteers and connections with clinics. Stewart, receiving a $100,000 award as Hero of the Year, plans to use the funds to expand his work. In addition, he is named an Elevate Prize winner, receiving $300,000 in unrestricted funding and resources from The Elevate Prize Foundation. Project Street Vet aims to offer essential care for animals while respecting the bond between owners and their pets.

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