Source: dvm 360

The FDA finalized Guidance for Industry (GFI) #120 to provide guidance on Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulations, aiding veterinarians, clients, and stakeholders in managing Veterinary feed directives. The guidance aligns with the VFD final rule of 2015, detailing the authorization process for animal drugs in the feed of food-producing animals requiring Veterinary oversight, particularly antimicrobials for animal health.

The final version improves clarity and aligns with industry practices. It serves as a Small Entity Compliance Guide and includes flexibilities to reduce burdens on distributors, producers, and veterinarians. Informed by public comments and stakeholder feedback, the guidance incorporates technical amendments from 2020 and updated resources. FDA VFD inspections ensure compliance, with 95% of inspected stakeholders adhering to the rule. The FDA aims to enhance antimicrobial stewardship by providing stakeholders with clearer understanding and implementation of VFD requirements through GFI #120.

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