Source: ChesCo 

The FDA has announced a new grant opportunity to establish Animal and Veterinary Innovation Centers in collaboration with academic research institutions. This initiative, part of the FDA’s commitment to advancing animal health and Veterinary science, will focus on combating Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), developing genomic alterations for agricultural resilience and food security, and addressing unmet veterinary medical needs in major and minor animal species.

Eligible institutions include public and private higher education institutions, including minority-serving institutions. The centers aim to foster long-term partnerships to drive critical research and innovation in Veterinary medicine. By addressing pressing issues like avian flu and advancing genomic research, these centers will enhance animal health, safeguard food security, and control zoonotic diseases. The initiative promises transformative impacts on both animal and public health, contributing to more resilient agricultural systems and improved veterinary treatments.

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