Source: AgriPulse 

The FDA has confirmed the safety and efficacy of Bovaer, a methane-reducing feed ingredient for lactating dairy cows, according to Elanco Animal Health. Feeding cows a tablespoon of Bovaer can cut methane emissions by about 30%, equivalent to reducing 1.2 metric tons of CO2 annually. This innovation allows dairy farmers to financially benefit by reducing their carbon footprint through carbon markets and USDA programs, potentially earning $20 per cow each year.

Elanco aims to launch this initiative by summer, with the potential for substantial environmental impact; feeding 1 million cows Bovaer could equal removing 285,000 cars from the road annually. Developed by Royal DSM, now dsm-firmenich, Bovaer is approved in Europe, Canada, and 58 countries. Elanco will expand its commercialization in North America. Gregg Doud, CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation, highlighted Bovaer’s role in helping U.S. dairy farmers stay competitive and sustainable in the global market.

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