Source: Good News From Finland

Finland’s Hau-Hau Champion has introduced a groundbreaking automatic dispenser, a global first, enabling dogs to sample pet food. Resembling a traditional dog house, the dispenser employs AI-driven image recognition and blue-light disinfection to ensure hygienic sampling. Owners receive ingredient information for each sample. The initiative aims to reduce pet food waste by allowing owners to choose based on their dogs’ preferences.

Tuuli Kaarela, Hau-Hau Champion’s brand manager, emphasized the dispenser’s positive reception among dogs and owners, anticipating a decrease in future food waste. The dispenser identifies approaching dogs via image recognition, dispensing food samples, and utilizes blue light to disinfect the bowl after the dog leaves. Yiftach Atzmon from Sterlights, specializing in UV-C disinfection, highlighted the safety and efficacy of the new UV light technology used in the dispenser. Kaarela reaffirmed the company’s commitment to dogs’ well-being, prioritizing hygiene and food quality.

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