Source: Shelter’s United 

Shelters United is developing a Veterinarian of Record Program to enhance access to Veterinary care for shelter pets and foster better collaborations between veterinarians and animal rescues. This initiative comes in response to the challenges faced by over 5,000 U.S. pet rescue organizations, which adopt out approximately 1.2 million pets annually and depend on veterinarians for health care and prescription medications.

A 2022 survey conducted by the University of Florida’s shelter medicine program identified key frustrations hindering effective partnerships between veterinarians and animal welfare groups. To address these issues, the program will introduce a toolkit, an online course, and a resource directory, supported by funding from PetSmart Charities, with a launch scheduled for late 2024. This effort aims to equip veterinarians with the necessary tools to engage more effectively in these critical roles, ultimately improving care for rescue pets and strengthening the Veterinary-shelter relationship. Shelters United continues to seek additional funding to further develop this program.

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