Source: Pick The Brain

Instinct, a Veterinary practice management software company, has acquired VetMedux, the company behind Plumb’s, Plumb’s Pro, and Clinician’s Brief, in a move to enhance support for Veterinary hospitals and caregivers. The acquisition is seen as a strategic step in response to the evolving landscape of Veterinary care, with increasing stress levels among caretakers and surging demand for services. Veterinary software has become crucial in patient care, and Instinct aims to design its software with a focus on aiding veterinarians in their daily tasks.

The collaboration between Instinct and VetMedux will combine their strengths to create innovative tools that alleviate stressors and improve Veterinary practice operations. Instinct plans to invest in product advancements and deep content integrations to offer a brighter future for the Veterinary industry, with a commitment to maintaining trusted references like Plumb’s and Clinician’s Brief under its ownership.

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