Source: Des Moines Registar 

Due to increasing bird flu outbreaks among Iowa dairy cattle, the Iowa Department of Agriculture will require cows to be tested for the virus at least a week before being transported to fairs or shows, effective July 1. Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig emphasized balancing exhibition opportunities with measures to protect livestock and prevent virus spread. Additionally, dairy herds within a 12.5-mile radius of bird flu outbreaks at poultry farms will undergo mandatory testing, with some farmers already voluntarily testing their herds, leading to further detections.

The USDA is investigating links between bird flu cases in poultry and dairy farms, aiming to develop biosecurity recommendations. Wildlife surveys around affected farms are also being conducted to assess virus presence, potentially informing new biosecurity measures. Bird flu, detected in 4.2 million egg-laying chickens, two turkey flocks, and 11 dairy herds in Iowa, results in the culling of infected poultry but generally causes mild symptoms in cows.

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