Source: dvm360

This article discusses the financial challenges faced by American veterinarians due to student loans. It highlights varied approaches veterinarians take towards managing their loans during and after the COVID-19 interest freeze, ranging from aggressive payment to asset-building or minimal action. The author, C.J. Burnett, emphasizes the need to consider individual circumstances, including savings, income, life goals, and emotional aspects, when deciding on loan repayment strategies.

Despite the emotional toll, the article suggests that student loans, while impactful, may not be as insurmountable as perceived, especially when considering long-term income potential and options like income-based repayment or loan forgiveness. By providing hypothetical financial projections and examples of successful loan repayment through increased income or practice ownership, the article encourages veterinarians to approach their loan situation with strategic planning and optimism, aiming to alleviate financial stress and focus on their profession.

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