Source: The Guardian 

Scientists are exploring the use of contraceptives to control wildlife populations humanely and effectively. Trials in the UK and Europe aim to deliver contraceptives to pigeons, wild boar, grey squirrels, and potentially other species like rodents, invasive parakeets, and deer. This approach could replace traditional methods like poisoning, shooting, or trapping, which are often inhumane, ineffective, and environmentally harmful. Grey squirrels, introduced to the UK in the 1800s, cause significant ecological damage and economic loss.

Special feeders with hazelnut spread laced with contraceptives are being tested to control their population. Similarly, pigeons might receive contraceptives via corn grains, and wild boars through specially designed feeders. The initiative seeks to mitigate the destructive impact of invasive species while addressing public opposition to lethal control methods. Concerns remain about environmental effects and potential risks to non-target species, highlighting the need for further research and careful regulation.

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