Source: dvm360

In a dvm360 Live!™ interview, Emily Tincher, DVM, explores the concept of the spectrum of care in Veterinary medicine, emphasizing its increasing relevance. The spectrum aims to offer diverse diagnostic and treatment options for pets, aligning with the values, resources, and goals of pet families. Tincher, drawing on her experiences in rural general practice and specialty referral hospitals, underscores the importance of respecting varied needs and budgets of pet parents.

The interview addresses the impact of cost on pet care decisions, with financial constraints affecting one in three pet families. Tincher advocates for transparent communication about care options and discusses research identifying three motivator groups: cost-conscious, convenience-focused, and choice-driven. She highlights Nationwide’s initiatives promoting the adoption of the spectrum of care through innovations and education. The interview concludes with the significance of the pet health zone, aiding informed decisions based on data and risk factors.

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