VMX 2024 and the VetParters 2024 conference proved to be an exceptional gathering that left attendees inspired and invigorated. This article aims to provide a recap of events, highlighting key themes, notable speakers, and the impact on the Veterinary community.

The overarching theme of VMX 2024 was the Show of Shows with “Wonders, Wows, and Wisdom!” And the conference did not disappoint – delivering an impressive lineup of speakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. The overall key trend was operational efficiency, as evidenced by the companies in the startup circle, the pitch competition, vendor products and services, and meeting presentations.

The pitch competition between Inventory Ally (optimized inventory management), Scribenote (effortless documentation), and Radimal (AI-enhanced radiology services) showed how innovation was helping the Veterinary healthcare team work more efficiently. Inventory Ally won the competition with its cutting-edge predictive analytics to help practices optimize inventory on hand and reduce COGs. According to cofounder Emmitt Nantz, ‘It is the Year of COG’s”. In addition, the startup circle included companies offering solutions for scheduling, communicating with pet care providers, analytics, using AI for patient care and client engagement, and so much more! (See Startup Circle | NAVC for the complete list of innovative companies helping you and your team be more efficient and productive).

Other companies announced new products, new partnerships, new board members, and new programs – for example, Idexx™ revealed their new inVue Dx™ and Embark Veterinary announced their new Veterinary Advisory Board (https://embarkvet.com/resources/embark-veterinary-advisory-board-members). Embark Veterinary did breed reveal parties at their booth, which drew quite a crowd. They used this time to also announce a new client acquisition program using their test. If you are looking for a program to help you bring in new clients, reach out to Ashley Pochick at apochick@embarkvet.com (http://www.embarkvet.com).

I am a big fan of CASCO, the kennels that ensure animal wellness and enrichment (http://www.cascopet.com), and was excited to attend a press event where VEA (Veterinary Electronic Assistant) announced a partnership with Antech (41) Post | LinkedIn). I see big things coming from this startup, and it is one to watch.

Another example of new client acquisition and new ways to connect with prospective clients is Petszel. (https://petszel.com). I really like what they are doing.

In addition, many of the companies in the exhibit hall were highlighting COGs control, business growth via client acquisition, sustainability, alternative proteins, and AI technology.

Speaking of AI, Dr. Eleanor Green and Dr. Karen Bolton addressed VetPartner members about the future of technology and ChatGPT/AI in their presentations “What’s Going Right: Technology in the Future” and “What’s Going Right: ChatGPT/AI.” Revolutionary technology is changing how Veterinary teams perform their jobs, enhancing workflow efficiency while elevating the quality of care provided to patients.

Another VetPartners session, “Recent Trends in Corporate Acquisitions of Veterinary Practices” by Roger S. Redman of the Ackerman Group, updated VetPartner members on practice acquisition slowdown and eventual uptick in activity. I predict that we will see some groups who bought at a high multiplier and have not taken steps to improve operational efficiency will be acquired in fire sales by larger, better-run groups.

In addition to a great program and great speakers, Monica Dixon Perry, CVPM and President of VetPartners (pictured above), informed the group about a new initiative called the “Veterinary Team Utilization Guide” to help practices navigate the challenges of running an efficient, productive business. Premier sponsors are needed for this initiative. Please contact Nancy Dewitz at tndewitz@gmail.com if you want to learn more.

Last but not least, VMX 2024 wasn’t all work and no play. H&C Animal Health (https://hc-animal-health.com) and bSereneTM (their new line of dog & cat pheromones at https://scientiapet.com) hosted lively book signings and meet and greet events with Dr. Adam Christman, Dr. Marty Becker, and Walter Brown, RVTg, VTS (ECC). Who couldn’t have fun with these three?!

VMX 2024 proved to be a resounding success, bringing together the brightest minds in technology, business, academia, and Veterinary medicine. From thought-provoking presentations to interactive sessions, the conference provided a platform for innovation, collaboration, and transformative thinking. Attendees left with more than just a conference badge – they took home a wealth of knowledge gleaned from industry leaders and innovators, a renewed sense of purpose fueled by inspiring presentations, and a valuable network of like-minded professionals eager to collaborate. VMX provides not only a glimpse into the future but also the tools necessary to contribute to the evolution of the Veterinary profession.