Source: BusinessWire 

ImpriMed, a precision medicine startup, has launched ImpriMed Drug Response Predictions (DRP) to meet the rising demand for personalized canine cancer testing. This standalone test complements their Personalized Prediction Profile, offering AI-driven clinical outcome predictions for dogs with lymphoma and leukemia. DRP provides tailored treatment plans, enhancing efficacy and accelerating patient care. It uses a proprietary drug sensitivity test on patients’ living cells, delivering results within six to seven days.

The AI-driven approach has extended the median survival time for dogs with relapsed B-cell lymphoma and improved veterinarian-client relationships, with 95% of surveyed Veterinary oncologists expressing satisfaction. DRP aims to reduce treatment costs and improve patient outcomes, benefiting over 6,000 dogs to date. ImpriMed’s advancements in AI technology promise significant strides in both Veterinary and potentially human cancer treatment. For more details, visit ImpriMed’s website.

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