Source: CNYCentral

Starting in December of this year, a new law in New York State will prohibit the retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in an effort to combat abusive breeders and the animal mill-to-pet store pipeline. The law aims to discourage breeding for profit and address the overpopulation of shelters. Instead of sourcing animals from commercial breeders, big retail pet stores like Petco and Petland will partner with shelters across Central New York. Shelters will pay these stores to help rehome animals, offering a second chance to pets in need.

The CEO of the Central New York SPCA, Troy Waffner, emphasizes the importance of recognizing animals as more than just profit sources, highlighting the unfortunate aftermath of animals used for breeding. While there were initial concerns about the impact on retail businesses, the SPCA believes the shift to offering shelter pets is a positive realignment of the business model.

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