Who among us doesn’t love a good solution for a nagging problem? At this year’s Animal Health, Nutrition, and Technology Innovation (AHNTI) event in London, experts, researchers, and industry leaders exchanged knowledge and fostered collaboration to drive forward the boundaries of innovation in the Animal Health industry—improving diagnostics and treatments for animals. Don’t think you will want the latest innovations to solve some of your nagging problems? Read on to find out what is on the horizon that you will need.

Does your dog’s constant scratching keep you up at night?

Even if it isn’t your dog, any Veterinary healthcare professional can relate to the struggle to help a pet parent find a solution for their pet’s constant scratching. While some solutions are currently available, Torigen (www.torigen.com) has developed a new therapeutic that attacks the cause from a different part of the pathway. Leukothera® targets overactive inflammatory cells causing the itch associated with canine atopic dermatitis.

Torigen received the inaugural Calan Smith Innovation Award at AHNTI, and they aren’t resting on their laurels. They are also developing a therapeutic treatment for dry eye disease.

Another innovator in treating atopic dermatitis is PAW – Phoenix Animal Wellness (https://phoenixanimalwellness.com). Under the leadership of Dr. Terry Fossum, CEO of PAW, the company has developed a natural, plant-based treatment that stimulates the innate immune system. PAW was one of the 16 Innovation Showcase Finalists at AHNTI, so look for more great products from this company.

Can your wellness testing use an upgrade?

How about a rapid, cost-effective, in-house test that can be incorporated into your wellness check-ups? Interested? Insitugen (www.insitugen.com) has developed a novel way to test for changes to sex hormones. Abnormal levels of sex hormones can lead to hair loss, oily skin, weight fluctuations, osteoporosis, growth issues, incontinence, and other adverse symptoms. By incorporating Insitugen’s test into wellness and other diagnostics, veterinarians can gain greater insight into pets’ health and take steps to mitigate adverse symptoms.

Is there anything new out there for Heartworm prevention?

You are probably not asking this question—but Astra Therapeutics (www.astratherapeutics.com) is. Astra Therapeutics knows there is concern about the debilitating diseases and economic losses caused by parasites. Just ask anyone who has witnessed the physical stress on a heartworm-positive dog and the financial stress on the pet parent, and you can see why the Veterinary healthcare team would welcome advancements in preventing a debilitating disease such as Heartworm. Astra Therapeutics has developed precision-engineered anti-parasite drugs to fight specific eukaryotic pathogens. Their novel drugs won them the Judge’s Choice Award at AHNTI this year.

Is AHNTI only about companion animals?

No, or should I say, moooo!? AgBoost®, Inc. (https://wp.ag-boost.com) is a technology company for the livestock industry. Their cloud-based platform, AgBoost®, provides visualization and analytics to simplify genetic decision-making and herd management. AgBoost provides tools in herd management, genetic analysis/visualization, sire link, breeding suggestions, online marketplace, and ordering DNA tests online—tools not found in other cattle tracking programs.

What more can a kennel company offer?

How about heat and light options? Ventilation and oxygen supplementation? Sound reducing engineering? And let’s not forget about the people building your flexible, customizable WellKennels stack . . . an entire fleet of electric vehicles to take employees to and from work! In some cases, companies that innovate for pets also innovate for their employees!

Keep your eyes on CASCO Pet for more great innovations.

The significance of innovative technology in Animal Health cannot be overstated. Technology empowers us to address challenges with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness—something that Veterinary professionals want and need. By continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible, embracing collaboration, and investing in research and development, we pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for humans and animals, as well as the ecosystems that they inhabit.