Source: StudyFinds

A survey of 2,000 American dog and cat owners, commissioned by Basepaws and conducted by OnePoll, reveals that 65% believe their pets are the four-legged version of themselves due to shared personality traits or hobbies. Respondents and their pets, particularly dogs, share physical characteristics like eye color (61%), overall size (54%), and hair/fur style (54%). Dog owners feel there are more noticeable similarities, both physically (36%) and in personality (42%), compared to cat owners.

The survey also found that respondents and their pets share similar New Year’s resolutions for 2024, focusing on exercising more (71%), cutting back on treats (71%), and eating healthier (64%). Despite the strong bond, 58% worry about their pet’s health as much as their own, with 25% admitting to worrying more about their pet’s health due to less knowledge about their pet’s family history (63%) and susceptibility to diseases (62%). While 72% wish to do more for their pet’s health, 50% don’t know the preventative care they should provide, and 26% are unsure about spotting early signs of diseases in their pets. Basepaws CEO Anna Skaya emphasizes the importance of understanding a pet’s unique DNA for better care.

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