Source: dvm 360 

Vetster has introduced the Pet Friendly Workplace Certification to promote pet-inclusive workplaces. Amazon, TribalScale, Spot Pet Insurance, and DECIEM are among the first recipients, recognized for their pet-friendly approaches. The certification aims to standardize safe environments for pets, regulate policies, and enhance employee well-being. Nicola Watson from TribalScale emphasizes pets’ importance and their inclusion in company culture.

With 66% of US households owning pets, Vetster anticipates a rise in pet ownership, especially among Millennials. The certification evaluates companies across four key areas: pet-friendly policies, culture, dog-friendly offices, and benefits. Scott Taylor of Spot Pet Insurance highlights the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace, emphasizing mental health and productivity. The certification aims to support companies in creating inclusive environments that accommodate pets as valued members of the workforce.

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