Source: Medscape

At the Welfair healthcare governance fair in Rome, Antonio Sorice, DVM, president of the Italian Society of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, emphasized the importance of a One Health approach, recognizing the interconnection between human and animal health. He highlighted the need for collaboration between veterinarians in Italy’s National Health Service and general practitioners to effectively implement this approach. Sorice discussed the impact of global warming on the distribution of disease-transmitting animal species, such as ticks and mosquitoes, in Italy.

The public Veterinary service, overseen by the Ministry of Health, plays a crucial role in monitoring and safeguarding the health of livestock, pets, and wildlife to prevent zoonotic diseases. Sorice stressed the importance of informing doctors and the public about risks, particularly regarding diseases transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes, to enable preventive measures. Collaboration between public veterinarians and other stakeholders, such as guides and guesthouse owners, aims to enhance disease surveillance and awareness in different regions of Italy.

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