Source: Bovine Veterinarian

A recent study in the United Kingdom demonstrated the benefits of calf jackets in improving the health and growth of young calves during winter. The study compared 40 Holstein calves, half of which received calf jackets from 2 to 12 weeks of age. The calves with jackets gained an average of 11.68 pounds more than those without. In addition, calves with jackets ate less feed, resulting in cost savings, exhibited improved rumen development, and had higher fecal scores with a lower incidence of scours.

To maximize the benefits of calf jackets, it is essential to ensure the calves’ coats are dry before fitting, adjust straps weekly for growth, check for rubbing straps, launder jackets properly, change wet jackets promptly, maintain clean bedding, and use jackets based on temperature guidelines. Monitoring for sweating and removing jackets in the morning are also recommended.

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