Source: 13WIBW

Kansas State University Veterinary students are enhancing their ophthalmology studies with 3D-printed animal eye models. Collaborating with the Technology Development Institute (TDI), the College of Veterinary Medicine crafted lifelike eye globes for dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits. These models enable students to practice fundoscopy exams, inspecting the eye’s back, including the retina and optic nerve.

The models, based on Veterinary ophthalmologists’ images, feature a two-part design with a clear lens and cornea on one side and a 3D-printed fundus on the other. Instructors Susan Rose and Shane Lyon spearheaded the project, aiming to reduce live animal use in teaching. Quinton Berggren from TDI ensured accuracy, while Jessica Meekins and Amy Rankin provided ophthalmology expertise. The initiative aligns with K-State’s economic growth agenda, supported by grants. The training kits, including various animal eye globes, are now available for sale to other Veterinary schools, promoting global dissemination of this innovative teaching aid.

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