Source: Feed Strategy

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies antimicrobial resistance as a major global health concern, with an estimated annual death toll of 4.95 million. Dr. Justin Tan, from Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health, underscores the importance of combating antibiotic resistance through effective animal protein production methods. At the Feed Strategy Seminar, Tan advocates for a holistic approach to phasing out antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), emphasizing optimal farm management, diet, and biosecurity. Additives like prebiotics and bacteriophages are highlighted as alternatives to antibiotics, particularly in disease prevention for livestock.

However, the challenge lies in treating bacterial infections without antibiotics. While WHO recommends prudent antibiotic use for infected animals, substituting antibiotics with feed additives for growth and prevention shows promise. Tan stresses the need for a comprehensive transition, focusing on a healthy environment and proven additives to maintain animal health. This approach addresses various aspects of production to mitigate antibiotic resistance effectively.

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