Source: Thoroughbred Daily News  

The Louisiana Racing Commission has introduced “Active Emergency Rules of Racing” effective June 8, altering permissible dosages and reducing withdrawal times for medications like Clenbuterol and Depo-Medrol. The aim is to enhance horse safety, though this approach contrasts with conventional wisdom favoring stricter drug use regulations. Executive Director Stephen Landry believes these changes will benefit horses, despite backlash from within the industry.

Dr. Steven Barker, instrumental in formulating the rules, noted that stricter regulations on therapeutic medications had become overly conservative. The new rules seek a balance between effective treatment and safety. However, critics argue these changes could mask injuries, potentially increasing equine fatalities. Veterinarian Larry Findley supports the new rules, emphasizing they won’t lead to more breakdowns. Conversely, other experts, like California’s Jeff Blea, warn that the relaxed regulations could undermine horse health and safety. The new rules highlight broader concerns about Veterinary practices in racing, with significant debate over the best approach to ensuring equine welfare.

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