Source: ABC 15 News

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Florence is spearheading a study to enhance accessibility to canine heartworm treatment for shelter animals. Collaborating with experts from the University of Florida’s Shelter Medicine Program and the Toronto Humane Society, Lucky Dog aims to treat 170 shelter dogs for heartworm disease and monitor their recovery for a year post-treatment. The study’s objective is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of treating shelter animals for heartworm disease without prolonged stays.

Heartworm, transmitted by mosquitoes, is prevalent in the Southern United States and can be fatal if left untreated in dogs. With over 1.1 million dogs affected annually in the U.S., this initiative holds promise for more accessible and affordable treatments for community pets. Robyn Jaynes of PetSmart Charities sees potential for future advancements in pet care. Community members can contribute by volunteering, fostering, or donating to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

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